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Mock Trial Practices by STOP Delhi

The mock trial is a process, where courtroom trials are repeated for practise among victims of trafficking and unsafe migration. These are conducted in homes/ shelters for rescued girls and women. The purpose of these mock trials is to empower the trafficked girls/ women; who have earlier been taken to courts, without proper courtroom knowledge. Empowered conduct with skills and they can save themselves from verbal traps laid out by pimps, brothel owners, traffickers and their lawyers.

As these girls /women do not have any idea of the court environment and procedures of law, they are easily embarrassed and puzzled during cross questioning, thus unable to furnish right answers. On the other hand, the brothel owner or the trafficker also threaten them by saying that they will kill their family members or spoil their reputation so that they are never taken back in their homes etc.

The mock trials help the victim /survivors to learn what happens inside the courtroom - how and what type of questions are asked, and how the victims/ survivors must answer them in their defence. This exercise helps the women to be mentally prepared to face the lawyers and answer correctly. Since the trial takes place long after the victims have gone to the remand homes, this mock exercise also helps them to refresh their memory.

The counsellor, social worker of the home who accompany the victims/ survivors to the court of law, keep a watch on the traffickers or brothel owners so that they are unable to intimidate or threaten them. The mock trial has proven to be very useful and effective and it is a very important intervention to provide justice to the victims/survivors.
STOP Delhi is the State Secretariat of ATSEC DELHI.

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