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A Note from the National Co-ordinator

Human trafficking in India has become an organized crime generating a business worth several crores. An alarming number of women and children being trafficked from bordering countries of Nepal, Bangladesh are continuously increasing each year. Trafficking is mostly disguised as migration, commercial sex or marriage. What begins as a voluntary decision due to deprived state of affairs, and lack of employment among families, trafficking often ends up as inhuman acts, making the victim land in unfamiliar conditions, having to do unexpected work.
ATSEC India is therefore armed with a mission to go all out in its efforts to ensure protection from trafficking and sexual exploitation to all children and women.

Dear friends,

Winds of change is the first issue of ATSEC India newsletter, which has seen the light of the day due to the support of CAP/AED. They have also helped us come out with an e-newsletter, which can be read on our website. It is my great pleasure that now our patrons, friends, volunteers, well wishers and member organization of ATSEC India and ATSEC country chapters in Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka can avail news and information on events easily and contribute their feedback. ATSEC India has 541 member organizations from 26 states of India; therefore from next issue onwards we will cover news and forthcoming event information from ATSEC at various parts of the country. Kindly send us reports on events held and details of victims rescued, accused convicted, victims and survivors restored back to home and repatriated etc. We would like to have case studies and best practices from our State Chapters too.

You are welcome to suggest improvements in the newsletter.

Manabendra Mandal
National Coordinator and Secretary General, ATSEC India

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